Friday, January 12, 2018

CodeMash 2018

I spent the past couple of days at the CodeMash developer conference in Sandusky, Ohio.  I learned some new technologies, caught up with old friends, and as usual had a great time.  Some of the technology trends spotted this year: AI, machine learning, blockchain, digital voice assistants, people getting serious about security, and cheap (often cloud-connected) hardware controllers with tons of neat sensors.  Here is some of what I saw at the conference.

BB-8 riding the hallways

An attendee 3D printed this dragon

Unusually warm temperatures at the Kalahari resort. It got into the 60s (F) on Thursday, but then turned into a blizzard Friday afternoon!  That's Ohio weather for you.

Firefly board game

I built this heart rate monitor using Arduino and a pulse sensor

KidzMashers doing laser tag

Sphero robot programmed into a game of Hot Potato

A presentation about giving a presentation
(or recursion as we developers would call it)

Bunch of 3D printed stuff

A mainframe programmer spotted leaving the conference ;)

CodeMash definitely peaked my interest in exploring some technologies I haven't used before.  Let's get to work on that!
I believe this was my 9th time attending this unique event.  I can't wait for CodeMash 2019.